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Our aim is to provide convenient financial instruments that will help our clients to build a successful business.
About Us


"SWIFT GARANT" LLC is a hi-tech, modern company which provides financial services to the clients on transfer of means in national currency without opening of accounts. The company has its own software that allows to quickly respond to market demands, develop their own, modern products. Our product line includes about five thousand services, most of which are our own direct contractual relations and our own technical developments.

Since 2017, the Financial Company has been performing the functions of a member of the City24 Domestic payment system, which for several recent years in a row, according to monitoring results, has been recognized by the National Bank of Ukraine as an important payment system.

In 2020, the Financial Company founded and agreed upon the rules of the intrastate payment system "MONEYCOM" at the National Bank of Ukraine.

Base rate

Commission charge

The transfer of funds is carried out exclusively in the national currency of Ukraine (hryvnia).

The amount of the fee (commission) for the provision of funds transfer services (hereinafter referred to as the tariff) depends on the type of initiation (in cash or non-cash) and the recipient of the transfer, in favor of which the payer initiates the transfer using a self-service software and hardware complex (PTC) or on the website.

Clients (payers) have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Tariffs for funds transfer services immediately prior to initiating the transfer by selecting the desired service of the respective recipient (Merchant / Operator / Recipient) on the PTCS monitor or on the website.

In particular, for the convenience of the consumer, the "Calculator" service is provided on the PTC monitor for the convenience of the consumer, according to which you can get the proper information, at any time convenient for the consumer during the initiation of the operation, about the tariff for the service of transferring funds to any recipient (Merchant / Operator / Recipient), in favor of which such a service is provided by means of PTC.

Refund Procedure

In case of unsuccessful transfer of funds according to the details specified by the payer, in order to return the transfer initiator must contact:

  • at the postal address: 01042, Ukraine, Kiev, Novopechersky lane, house 5, or
  • by phones of the contact center: (073) 505-57-57; (099) 505-57-57; (096) 505-57-57, or
  • at the email address - zayava@city-24.com.ua.

The appeal can be oral or written:

  • an oral appeal is presented by the payer using telephone means through the above-mentioned contact center phones;
  • a written request is sent by mail or sent by the payer to the address indicated above, in person or through a person authorized by him, whose powers are formalized in accordance with the law.

A written request can also be sent using the means of the Internet - to the address of an e-mail box. When sending an appeal by means of the Internet, the applicant must be guided by the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On electronic trust services", which provides for the use of the corresponding digital signature (electronic
signature), which is overlaid using the private key obtained by the applicant from the correct provider of trust services.

The payer can obtain a sample of Application on the official website of SWIFT GARANT LLC (https://swift-garant.com.ua/) by downloading the section “Documents” - “Sample Applications”.

Consideration of applications is carried out in accordance with the terms of the Law of Ukraine "On Citizens' Appeals", according to which, in particular, a written appeal is considered within 30 days, based on the results of a positive consideration, the payer is refunded within three banking days to the payer's bank details, which are defined in the appeal.


The company's activities are regulated by the National Bank of Ukraine and carried out in accordance with the available permits (extracts of the National Bank of Ukraine from the State Register of Financial Institutions on the issuance of a license for the provision of financial services dated February 17, 2021 (decision to issue a license dated July 26, 2016 No. 34 / 1 and Certificate No. 47 dated 09.21.2020).

As a subject of primary financial monitoring, the company is guided by the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine and operates exclusively on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

We offer to familiarize with the documents regulating our activity.

Our clients

Natural Persons

Individual Entrepreneur

Corporate Person


The financial company provides the following types of services:

1. In terms of initiation in cash:

  • from individuals for payment in cash to individuals;
  • from individuals for crediting to individual accounts;
  • from individuals for crediting to the accounts of business entities;
  • from business entities to be credited to the accounts of business entities.

2. Under the conditions of initiation in non-cash form:

  • from individuals for payment in cash to individuals;
  • from individuals for crediting to individual accounts;
  • from individuals for crediting to the accounts of business entities;
  • from business entities for payment in cash to individuals;
  • from business entities to be credited to the accounts of individuals;
  • from business entities to be credited to the accounts of business entities.

“SWIFT GARANT” LLC is a member of the payment systems:

Payment organization: “FC FENIX” LLC
Location: 5, Novopechersky lane, Kyiv, 01042

Payment organization: PJSC “Lineal Bank”.
Location: 03039, Kyiv, Goloseevsky Ave, 26а

Payment organization LLC FC LEOGAMEING PAY.
Location: 03148, Kiev, Les Kurbas Ave, 2-G

«Financial world»
“Ukrainian Payment System” LLC
Location: 04080, Kyiv, Mezhygirska str., 82a, building B, office 309.


Payment organization: “SWIFT GARANT” LLC
Location: 5, Novopechersky lane, Kyiv, 01042

Please note that before initiating a transfer, we suggest that you carefully read the conditions for the provision of services by the Financial Company in the relevant payment system, set out in the Public Offer for the conclusion of an agreement on the transfer of funds (Public Offer).

The Public Offer can be viewed on the PTC monitor in the “Information” section or on the website.

Cash acceptance / withdrawal points that are used for money transfers by SWIFT GARANT LLC are absent in the MONEYCOM, City24, FLASHPAY, Financial World, LEO payment systems.

The resolution of disputes between all participants and all users of the funds transfer system and the settlement system occurs through negotiations between the parties, and provided that the parties cannot resolve the disputed issues through negotiations, such disputes are referred by the Parties to a competent court decision, in accordance with the requirements of Ukraine legislation.

Customer support is provided by hotline numbers: 066/073/096 505-57-57 from 8:00 to 22:00 daily, without days off and lunch break.

Calls cost to the numbers 066/073/096 505-57-57 – according to the tariffs of the service provider.

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Contact Center

If you have questions, then you are able to ask them to our specialists every day from 8:00 to 22:00.

066 505-57-57

099 505-57-57

093 170-14-15

096 505-57-57




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About the company

EDRPOU: 39859339
Full name: Limited Lability Company "SWIFT GARANT"
Director: Shevchenko Viacheslav Oleksandrovych

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01042, Kyiv,
5 Novopechersky Lane